Dress Up for Yourself!

Do you find yourself always grabbing those go-to workout pants and T’s and throwing that oversized sweatshirt on? Us too!!! Did you know that it has been shown that those of us beautiful women out there that put on an “outfit” for the day actually feel better about themselves? We have read and have felt it personally that when we take the time to get dressed for the day it makes us feel more confident. It’s tough times right now and majority of us are living the stay at home life—whether you’re working from home or a stay at home Mom—it’s easy to become complacent. I am so guilty!! We at Jayne Nash want you to feel good about yourself, we want you to love what you’re wearing and we offer clothes that can be a perfect go to for that at home “staycation.” Check out our lounge tab for the perfect top and pants tab for the BEST jeans, KanCan’s, that fit true to size and give every female the perfect stretch without stretching out! Sometimes we need to just put those workout pants aside and build a little bit of confidence within ourselves. You’ve got this lovely! 

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